The prestigious Parisian night club


Castel is a private nightclub and gastronomic restaurant, located in the famous district of Saint‐Germain-­des­‐Prés in Paris. Castel was founded by Jean Castel in 1962, nicknamed « King of Night Parties », and immediately became a place to be for night birds.

Located in a 3 floors building, Castel offers a gastronomic restaurant and a nightclub in the basement which can welcome up to 250 guests.

In fall 2014, the restaurant was took over by a new generation of Parisian businessmen, but above all friends, to offer Castel a new start, such as Ramon Mac Crohon (The Caviar Kaspia Group), Thierry Costes, Charles Beigbeder, Laurent de Gourcuff, Jean Moueix (Château Petrus), or Guillaume and Nicolas Houzé (Galeries Lafayette). The artistic direction of the club has been managed by the world renowned artist André.

Today, Castel has kept its status as one on the most select places in Paris and welcomes all night long the Parisian jet‐set and influencers coming from the entire world, looking for a high-­level Parisian night experience.